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Satish Kumar

Satish Chauhan
Satish Kumar
Senior Legal Consultant
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Introducing Mr. Satish Kumar, a vital guiding force and legal consultant for Rank-Brew. Recognizing the essential need for mentorship in a startup’s journey, Mr. Satish Kumar has played a pivotal role in steering Rank-Brew towards growth and compliance.

As an esteemed advocate, also known as Satish Kumar Chauhan in Faridabad, he brings a wealth of legal expertise to the table. Registered with the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. Satish Kumar is renowned as one of the best lawyers in Faridabad, a distinction echoed on his website, lawyerinfaridabad.com.

In the intricate world of startups, having a legal luminary like Mr. Satish Kumar on board ensures that Rank-Brew navigates challenges with precision and adherence to legal standards. His guidance is not just a legal compass but a cornerstone for Rank-Brew’s ethical practices and sustainable growth.