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Jatin Rajawat

Jatin Rajawat
Co- Founder
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Meet Jatin Rajawat, the driving force behind the success of Rank-Brew. Fueled by an unwavering passion for IT and digital marketing, Jatin made a pivotal career shift to pursue what truly excited him. His journey has been marked by a keen interest in exploring the diverse landscapes of digital marketing across various industries.

Renowned for his exceptional project management skills, Jatin’s entrepreneurial mindset played a crucial role in elevating Rank-Brew to become one of the leading agencies in both Chandigarh and Dubai. Jatin is not just dedicated to his work; he is also genuinely obsessed with the vibrant landscapes and opportunities that Chandigarh and Dubai offer.

With a vision fueled by passion and a knack for turning ideas into reality, Jatin continues to steer Rank-Brew towards new heights, consistently bringing innovative strategies and a commitment to excellence to the forefront of the agency’s success.